National Funding: Stay Ahead of the Competition

Ignoring the other players in the marketplace can shorten the life of any business.  National Funding encourages clients to maintain information about every competitor.  The Internet has opened every market to competitors that are located near and far.  Wise business owners take steps to compete as though the life of the business depends on it: because it does.


Marketing campaigns have evolved from print and television to social media and online ads.  National Funding encourages clients to monitor the online patterns in advertising efforts from competitors.  Movements toward the client’s product and service lines can draw valuable customers away.  The trend can be expensive if the client does not continually update the offerings to meet customer requests.


A business owner who continues to offer the same products and services without regard to customer preferences will not last long.  Customers can provide invaluable insight for decisions that improve the company’s offerings.  Open conversations are possible because of social media.  Questions should be asked constantly to allow the customers to offer assistance that has no other source.


Every significant business purchase or investment should be tied to a business goal.  Decision makers get into financial binds when available cash is considered “fair game.”  The budget must be followed at all times to avoid shortfalls for important obligations, such payroll and taxes.  Tight reins on the financial purse strings will allow the business owner to navigate rough times without worry.

National Funding encourages every client to play in the marketplace to win first place.  A narrow set of offerings can sustain business life if the company is the absolute best at everything in the product set.  Mastering a few services is more important than being the “jack of all trades.”  Competition in business can be great fun!

National Funding: Innovative Payment Plans Available

Business loans used to fall within one category that required monthly payments to be paid until the outstanding balance was repaid.  National Funding works with smaller firms that do not fall within the traditional loan criteria.  Access to credit has been moved out of the reach of most businesses because banks no longer want to deal with risk.  Business growth phases require cash infusions to allow smaller firms to compete with industry giants.  Repaying a loan does not have to be stressful for the decision makers.  Smaller loan payments throughout the month will be affordable while leaving sufficient cash to support the operation.

Traditional loans would determine the monthly payment amount based on projected sales.  Fluctuations in the sales levels would leave the business straining to make the monthly payment on time and in full.  National Funding believes that repaying a loan should not cause financial hardship.  Loan payments are calculated on actual sales when the customer agrees to use a percentage of each day’s sales.  Merchants that accept credit cards have access to the Merchant Cash Advance program.  A percentage of the daily credit card sales will be set aside to make the loan payment.  This method makes the payment affordable and predictable.

Rapid approval and funding of loans is an important part of the services National Funding provides.  Few businesses have months to wait around and hope that a loan will be approved.  Business moves at a rapid pace where opportunities can vanish overnight.  New contracts and projects must be funding in a matter of days, not weeks or months.  Ongoing partnerships between National Funding and the clients allow both sides to benefit.  Repaying a loan ensures that the next loan will be approved.  Clients have access to credit that allows them to enter new markets and grow into large entities.

National Funding: Equipment Acquisition Made Easy


Companies in many different industries have encountered growth barriers caused by recent changes in the financial sector.  National Funding has emerged as a superior source of funding for small to mid-sized businesses.  Equipment is required to support revenue-generating activities.  An equipment lease offers many advantages to the client.


  • Easy financing – Clients can find equipment for virtually any source.  The existing relationship with National Funding ensures payment for the equipment lease.  Equipment will arrive on schedule since the payment will reach the vendor fast.


  • Affordable terms – Equipment is acquired without hefty down payments.  Fixed rates and payments ensure that the client can manage the budget and improve cash flow.  Lease payments will cover the installation, maintenance, software, training, insurance, taxes and shipping.


  • Fast approval – Traditional financing can require weeks for final approval.  National Funding realizes that clients must complete the approval process in a matter of days to win contracts and compete.  The leasing procedure is designed to be quick and easy.


  • Guaranteed low payments – Leasing specialists work with the client to find the best equipment vendor in each industry.  The lowest lease payments are essential for every client.  National Funding guarantees the lowest rates, or the client will receive $500.


Equipment leases are designed to offer terms that eliminate down payments, reduce monthly outlays and offer the most advanced equipment.  Ownership will be transferred to the client when the situation dictates.  Unique situations can be addressed since the leasing agents have experience with many different vendors.  Each industry has different requirements because the equipment has various useful life spans.  Clients are encouraged to request specific lease terms to match the business needs with the lease terms.  Specific questions allow the lease agents to find the right vendor for the equipment.  National Funding strives to provide the best lease options for every client situation.